To the Nines "Home" ACEO series - complete!

Well, it's finished! Yaaay!! There are so many little details, and I am really quite happy with how it turned out.  It is more muted in color than the previous To the Nines ("Wishing"), but this was purposeful. I wanted a bit more cohesion in the whole piece, so I chose a color scheme for the entire image this time. Usually i don't plan the colors out, i just pick one or two and then add whatever I want during. But sometimes it is nice to have limits lol!
Here is the full image:

"To the Nines - Home" (c) Emily White 2021

At any rate, let me explain again my To the Nines series.  It is essentially a set of 9 complete ACEOs that also make up a larger story/image.  I am rather partial to puzzles and things that fit together but are different. Also, it seems to speak to my need to visually organize everything.  "Home" is the second work in the series (You can view the first work "Wishing" HERE). I have plans to continue this in the future, though at the moment I am a little behind on other things, and I also have no theme for the next one (suggestions welcome! I try to keep the theme to one or two words to allow for maximum imagination!) . 

About "Home"- this one is a fantasy version of my ideal homestead- a little cottage far out in the woods, with a garden and at least one kitty. Many trees, few roads. Lots of critters and secrets, whispers on breezes and scents of flowers.  Moss and magic.

"To the Nines- Home 5" ACEO (c) Emily White 2021

So, each of the 9 original ACEOs are up on eBay HERE (for Buy it Now $15 each).  Yes, I CUT UP THE PICTURE! The original artwork you see above, I took a pair of scissors to it and now it is 9 little pictures!   
Alternately, there are posters available of the entire image, so no worries! You can choose your preferred size, paper type, even a frame if you please!  To the Nines "Home" poster prints are HERE on Zazzle- be sure to check their ticker scroll at the top of the page for any promo codes, they usually have a sale or something going on (also, check here:  

Other things- I have not yet released ACEO size prints of "Wishing" or "Home"- I do have vague plans to do so, but I must formulate them before proceeding.  Must decide on edition type, paper type, to hand embellish, to laminate or not, etc etc...minutia. 

One additional note- "Home" is the featured art for the month of November on my website.
previous work in progress posts are here:

Okee, well, look forward to another blog post in a few days I suppose (yes, aiming for Friday for real).  


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