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Dropped the ball...

Sheepish greetings... So, kinda fell off the map there for (at this point) most of March,  and of course I feel terrible for not updating on my weekly schedule. I also did not post a featured art for this month!  I cannot imagine how people can keep up with posting to a social media site,  oh my gosh, I barely manage one a week. I suppose if I ONLY posted pictures it would be easier, but at some point people do become curious about the person behind the pictures. Well, let me tell you, I am rather boring, and I rather like that! Anyway, I do have work in progress pictures this week, as well as a sneak peek at the Sunday auction, so let's just do this! Sneak peek of some aceos I am currently drawing- including the next (and overdue) "art nouveau produce tag" aceo Black Raspberry: She is a bit crooked but I still love her!  I just made up a new batch of limited edition aceos, too, even though it just added to the mess that is my studio... So, this up

Dragon Nymph ACEO

Hi hi! Okay, so I am currently not anywhere near my studio, and not exactly sure when I will be again (I mean, it's only a few days but my schedule is a little volatile right now), I have no idea what I am supposed to be blogging about because my calendar is at home and all. But I do have two new ACEOS to share today. So, I kind of planned ahead, I just dont remember exactly how, lol! The first is a pink dragon nymph, I call her "Rose and Gold": "Rose and Gold" is currently listed on eBay for a Buy It Now $15- you can view the listing for her HERE . Sunday auction-  "Happy Wings": A sweet little sprout fairy and her butterfly friends! She is currently up for auction on eBay HERE , ends next Sunday. I will be at least stopping by my home/studio on Monday (but probably will be permanently back by then) so any orders placed this weekend will go out asap Monday.  I am away from my life because I am helping my friends who just