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Doll Gallery- Live on Website

 Hi hi! Well, at long last I have managed to publish the doll gallery on my website!  At first I didn't bother with it, as I had only made a few dolls and they were FAR in between, so I did not know if this was just one of my phases or what.  Then, after deciding that I love it and will be repainting more dolls, they deserved their own spot on the website.  But I only had a few!  Not worth posting just a few, I thought, so I saved them up and then I had a fair amount...and a fair amount of other website work that I had also been neglecting. Of course.  So, it took a little longer than it should have, but to view the doll gallery, please click HERE !  (I was too lazy to make a banner, lol) More dolls will be added over time, of course. Also, to celebrate the Doll Gallery "Opening", I have listed a little Jester Doll on eBay- she is a custom Shopkins Shoppie doll, mostly cute with a dash of creepy... Click HERE to see the eBay listing for "Juniper"

Work In Progress- MH Repaint Lagoona to Lalaloopsy

 Dolls! Yeee!  An update on my latest doll repaint, with lots of work in progress photos.   I recently acquired a Lalaloopsy Furry Grrs-Alot Girl doll (the more "teenage" version of the line) after falling in love with her character many years ago.  I also have a mini version of her "kid" doll.  The doll shown below is mine, yes, she is unboxed, missing a belt and some accessories, and I don't care, I love her to pieces...  (furry grrs alot) Because I love her style so very much, I wanted to do a recreation/homage to her with a Monster High repaint.  So, I dug through my art doll box and decided on a Lagoona Blue doll for a base. Her sculpt has a nice, round face, pouty lips, and generous eyes. Given how little detail Lalaloopsy dolls have in their faces, I have a lot of decisions to make about how I want her new face to look.  So while that brainstorming is happening, I start working on her outfit first. (Lagoona pre face wipe) Some thin

November Featured Art, project sneak peek, and a ramble

 Hi! Well, I realize now I lost track of my posting days, and only managed ONE blog post last month.  This is unacceptable to me. A long, long time ago, I posted a blog nearly every day.  But I am older and slower now (neither of which is a bad thing) and I have taken to working on only one or two projects at a time, instead of 3-5. So, there is a lot more downtime in between completed arts. Thus, less stuff for me to post about. I guess it also comes down to the amount of attention I have been giving to home projects over the "pandemic months".  Sewed some cat beds, winter curtains, and a bunch of masks.  I have been doing some laundry by hand, as I have limited quarters to use in the laundry room. So all small items get washed in the sink, and air dried in the kitchen.  Lots of baking now that the weather has turned cold. Winterizing windows with plastic and then big, thick curtains that I sewed from fleece blankets.  And of course the dishes and cleaning (the more time I s