Billie the Love Goat- Monster High Doll Repaint

I finished her!:D

This is Billie- the Love Goat.  

There is a full write up HERE on my website, with a little background story, her birthday, all the things she is made from, and a bunch of pictures.  
She did not come out exactly as I had envisioned her- which was a very long time before I began working on her...For instance, the original coloring for her was gong to be red hair, and her legs would fade from lavender to red to black on the hooves.  She was kind of designed in a "dark valentine nymph" theme.  Her outfit was going to be sheer black, similar to what she has on now, but with a really big collar (I don't know what they are called, but think Evil Queen).  She was going to have spikey parks on her arms and ankles.
But that was back in February of 2018. Then she sat, deconstructed, in a box next to my desk for the better part of 2018, after which I pulled her out of the pile and began sculpting her tail, horns, and ears. I had left her original red hair rooted in h…

Coffee Genie- Fantasy Art Nouveau

Hi!New art! New art! Yay!  I feel like it has been awhile since I have listed anything on eBay...but I have a few things to show off currently.First, a piece I started back in February, riiight before the shit hit the fan.  I know this because I found her shoved between the back pages of one of my sketchbooks a week or so ago, and realized that I had totally forgotten about her!  Buuut, bonus, she was already sketched out, so I got to start inking right away.  I love it when the idea is already plotted out, and I can just zone out with my pens while I listen to bizarre documentaries in the background.Anyhoo, introducing "Coffee Genie"- she is an original 7" x 10.25" fantasy illustration- mixed media: acrylic paint, archival inks on bristol.  Currently up for grabs on eBay HERE!
I really love coffee, and genies, and art nouveau, and I am trying to learn to love the color pink, but I do love painting, and I love smoke, and oh did I say that I LOVE COFFEE?A few new AC…

New Fantasy ACEOs

Forgive the lame title of this post, my brain just does not want to cooperate for more than 5 minutes at a time these days.Found myself staring at the blank title bar for too long, just wanted to start typing.So, here we are, and as mentioned, a new (small) batch of fantasy ACEO illustrations:
They are all currently up for sale on eBay HERE- feel free to use the Best Offer option, it is not insulting to me, I wouldn't put it up if I didn't want you all to use it!I know they are not the most detailed ACEOs ever, but I am still in the process of getting this doll put together (very close to finished now) and I do not have a lot of desk space at the moment. BUT, I did bust out my fancy Stuart Semple watercolors to use on these, so they are SATURATED with color.  I am generally not too fond of watercolor, but I do really love this set I have.There are also a few more new items in the Zazzle Shop- some stone coasters!  There are three new fairy coasters and three new fox coasters fo…

Website Gallery + Zazzle Shop Update

Hi Hi!I have a brand new gallery on my website!  :) :) Of course, there are currently only 6 images there, but I am working on it!  Still sorting through the archive galleries, still sorting through my web store as well.  My eyeballs are fried, and my heart wants to work on my new doll so badly...but I HAVE to get all this internet art clutter under control. So, slow and steady.So, the new (tiny) gallery can be viewed HERE.  If you hover over the thumbnails, it will tell you the title of the artwork.  If you click on it, it will A) bring you to a page in my Zazzle shop to see a bigger version, and give you purchase options if you are interested in that sort of thing...or B) it will do nothing and take you nowhere, as I do not have any merch or prints available for those particular works. But still, I want to show them off.About my Zazzle shop- I actually have 2 of them, but we are talking about the zombietoes shop- it is now being maintained weekly by myself, and inspiration from my …

Doll Repaint- Making a Goat Nymph


There are no finished pieces to post this week, mainly because I have been working on a new doll. So, I am here to post some work in progress photos of her- warning, nude doll parts and disembodied limbs!
I deconstructed her months ago, so all the factory paint and hair removal has not been documented.

Above, the body, with head removed. I also cut open the back of her head after removing her hair, as I want to give her 3D eyes. The little white balls you see are eyeball whites (sclera)- I will use the butt end of a small paintbrush to give them indents. Other supplies are bamboo skewers (to give her goat legs), some sanding implements, and some clay shaping tools. Also a random comb.

I love how Monster High doll feet are shaped. Unfortunately, for this character, I had to remove them, as she will be getting hooves. You can see the base sculpt of them, along with her tail. I used bamboo skewers, tinfoil, wire, and florist tape to create a structure for the clay. Her …

To The Nines ACEO series- Wishing

Greetings dears,
It has been so long since any attention has been paid (by me) to the website and blogs, that I have once again decided it is best to start from scratch. So, total overhaul, new blog space, less clutter, still tons of art! I am REALLY going to TRY to keep it very streamlined and simple this time. I know I say this every time I do an overhaul.
Okay, how about some art?  I've started a new series, called "To The Nines". Each piece in this series acts as one large illustration, but it ALSO works as nine little ACEOs! All nine of the ACEOs interlock to form a bigger image. The first piece is titled "Wishing", and features nine fantasy ladies in varying forms, each performing some act or ritual surrounding wishing.  below is the full illustration:

The complete image is available in poster and print form through my Zazzle Shop HERE! You can choose what size, what type of paper (or canvas, or wood, etc) and even a frame if you want! 
For those…