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Website Gallery + Zazzle Shop Update

 Hi Hi! I have a brand new gallery on my website!  :) :) Of course, there are currently only 6 images there, but I am working on it!  Still sorting through the archive galleries, still sorting through my web store as well.  My eyeballs are fried, and my heart wants to work on my new doll so badly...but I HAVE to get all this internet art clutter under control. So, slow and steady. So, the new (tiny) gallery can be viewed HERE .  If you hover over the thumbnails, it will tell you the title of the artwork.  If you click on it, it will A) bring you to a page in my Zazzle shop to see a bigger version, and give you purchase options if you are interested in that sort of thing...or B) it will do nothing and take you nowhere, as I do not have any merch or prints available for those particular works. But still, I want to show them off. About my Zazzle shop - I actually have 2 of them, but we are talking about the zombietoes shop- it is now being maintained weekly by myself, and inspiration from

Doll Repaint- Making a Goat Nymph

Hello! There are no finished pieces to post this week, mainly because I have been working on a new doll. So, I am here to post some work in progress photos of her- warning, nude doll parts and disembodied limbs! I deconstructed her months ago, so all the factory paint and hair removal has not been documented. Above, the body, with head removed. I also cut open the back of her head after removing her hair, as I want to give her 3D eyes. The little white balls you see are eyeball whites (sclera)- I will use the butt end of a small paintbrush to give them indents. Other supplies are bamboo skewers (to give her goat legs), some sanding implements, and some clay shaping tools. Also a random comb. I love how Monster High doll feet are shaped. Unfortunately, for this character, I had to remove them, as she will be getting hooves. You can see the base sculpt of them, along with her tail. I used bamboo skewers, tinfoil, wire, and florist tape to create a st