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A Ramble and Sunday auction sneak peek

 Hi hi! I'm just popping in here to give an update- I have been off visiting family, and I am home for about 10 minutes before I go off to house sit for some friends.  It has been a rather busy summer- great to distract from the oppressive heat!  Honestly, I am tolerant of it mostly, as long as I stay out of direct sunlight.  I think I might be turning into a vampire, really, the sun HURTS me, my eyes mostly. They just start watering as soon as it hits high noon. Sunglasses help a little, but I tend to stick to the shade when I am out and about. Ummm, not a lot of new projects to show, everything is still in my head or just chicken scratches on scrap paper.  I have taken a long break from the To the Nines project series.  I think I will save those for cold winter days, as they need a lot of focus, and I get distracted easily in the warm weather.  It's a seasonal thing for me- I gather a lot of inspiration while I am busy running around in the spring and summer- filling my eyes