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To The Nines ACEO series- Wishing

Greetings dears, Welllll...yeah. It has been so long since any attention has been paid (by me) to the website and blogs, that I have once again decided it is best to start from scratch. So, total overhaul, new blog space, less clutter, still tons of art! I am REALLY going to TRY to keep it very streamlined and simple this time. I know I say this every time I do an overhaul. Okay, how about some art?  I've started a new series, called "To The Nines". Each piece in this series acts as one large illustration, but it ALSO works as nine little ACEOs! All nine of the ACEOs interlock to form a bigger image. The first piece is titled "Wishing", and features nine fantasy ladies in varying forms, each performing some act or ritual surrounding wishing.  below is the full illustration: The complete image is available in poster and print form through my Zazzle Shop HERE ! You can choose what size, what type of paper (or canvas, or wood, etc) and even a frame if you want!  Fo