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To the Nines "Home"- nearly there

Hi! I've had a busy day, and did not get everything accomplished that I wanted, but still...a lot got done! Before I go sit down for the evening, I wanted to share some more progress photos of the To the Nines "Home" illustration:  start of inking the lines.  shading in warm greys the very first layers of color! At this point in the journey, all the base colors and a few layers have been added (not shown). I so wanted to have it completed tonight, but I also do not want to rush things. I've always held the notion that I should let the art sit out of sight for a day or so once I think it is "finished" before I truly finish. A fresh set of eyes and a different perspective often reveal loose ends.   I should have it all scanned and posted to share by Sunday, probably will make it the featured art for November.  Hmmm, sounds like an extra post is in order this week... Until then, be well! Xo! Em

To the Nines ACEO progress

Well, it's not Friday... But here I am :) not much to show for myself this week! I had high hopes of being a decent ways along in my To the Nines "Home" project, some gallery updates and such. However, that did not work out the way I envisioned (what does, even?) And all I have to share is one measly work in progress photo: It has been a struggle lately to sit down and work, especially with the (boring but necessary) computer stuff. I am so easily distracted- I want to bake, I want to walk in the woods,  I want to lounge around in my fuzzy robe and watch scary movies and eat, I have actual work at a job, I gotta pet the cat, laundry, dishes, meal making, etc. Not to mention I keep stopping what I am working on to sketch new ideas.  It's not that I am avoiding the projects, it is that each time I sit to do something, I get fidgety.  Hopefully this will wear off shortly and I will be able to be more attentive.  Xo! Em 

Poppy the Flower Fashionista - Monster High Art Doll

 Hi Hi! This is a doll post, so I forgive you if you have no interest ;)  But I wanted to show off my latest refurbished Monster High doll creation... I was needing some inspiration, so I looked up haute couture and found some fashions that were SO COOL, I just HAD to make a tiny version!   "Poppy" is her name, and I love how she turned out. LOVE IT, loved making this outfit SO MUCH. I also happen to love poppies, they are my favorite flower, so I tried to do them justice in the tiny changes of texture.  They are delicate but also quite bold, and it is that duality that I appreciate the most about them. So I tried to get all that into a doll.  The fashion inspiration was a huge help. Below, the only two progress shots I managed to remember to take during the creative process: I remove her head from her body, remove all her hair and face paint, cut off the top of her scalp, scrape out the remaining glue and hair bits (dollie brains) and then I CUT OUT HER EYES muahaha! Sorry S

New ACEOs and "To the Nines" ACEO series sneak peek

 Happy Friday! Just a quick post today, to share the new ACEOs I have up for auction on eBay, as well as a sneak peek of my latest illustration project. Definitely feeling the Halloween vibes already, so that has themed the new art cards this week!  The one currently up for auction is titled "Bone Garden"- a spritely goat nymph, frolicking through the garden of bones, collecting little pieces here and there in her tin pail.   "Bone Garden" is an original illustration, and she is currently up for auction on eBay HERE !   The OTHER new ACEO illustration I will be listing this week (Sunday morning, around 11am EST) is called "Candy Fairy"- sometimes my titles are not so creative, lol!  But she is very pretty, I like how the colors turned out: Again, "Candy Fairy" will be listed for auction (starting bid $7.35) on Sunday morning (10/10).  There are also a handful of other creepy/autumn/Halloween themed ACEOs up for auction now- you can see all my auc

Oh Hi, October! Dragon Hugs and Updates

 So, it's been about a year since I've blogged... Of course, I have been creating art that whole time, and always had good intentions to update regularly...but I seem to always put it off.  Will very much try to stick to the perfectly fine schedule I have set for myself this time. No promises. Happy October, though!!! My very favorite season is upon us, and it is rather short, so I have been trying to enjoy it to the fullest!  I've begun baking again, and going for walks in the forest, watching (more) scary movies, wearing hoodies!  Soon I can wear my overly fuzzy socks again! Woo! I have a few little updates, but let's start with some art!  October's "Featured Art" on my website is a recent painting titled "Dragon Hugs".  A portrait of one strange three eyed nymph and her loyal friend.   She is an original 8.5" x 11" acrylic painting on canvas (sheet)- the original has bee sold!  However, there are open edition ACEO prints (2 sided!) a