Monster High Lagoona Lalaloopsy Doll, ACEO Sunday sneak peek, ++ ramblings

 Uggh, hiii

So...currently existing in a haze of frustration of myself. Well, I'd say it's more like a mist. Not too thick, just...annoying. Yes, I am annoyed at being continuously frustrated with myself. Does that make any sense? Who knows.

SO, I have FINISHED some dolls! Emily the Strange is complete and pretty much ready to find a new home- I need to draft a listing for her, though I suspect I may run into a weird copyright issue trying to list her on eBay. I've already had issues trying to get her Certificate of Authenticity made up. (ramble happening) Normally, I order out for the doll COAs, as I wanted a nice, smooth, perfect looking card. However, the place I order from is refusing to print up her COA as it goes against their copyright policies...Fine, I will print one up myself, fiiine, ughhh.  

Oh, the printer is out of ink. Right-o, I have another cartridge ready to go. Oh, well, it doesn't recognize the black cartridge. Cool, coolcoolcool. So, I am currently without in house printing abilities until next week sometime, whenever my new ink gets her. yey.

Because I cannot list the Emily doll just yet, I have decided to list my Grretle doll- she is a Monster High Lagoona Blue repaint. I was highly inspired by another doll, from a different company (MGA's Lalaloopsies, the Furry Grrs-a-lot character) and I gave her an '80s twist lol!  Like, a cooler version of Jazzercize than I remember my mother dragging us to. Some pictures: 

Monster High Lalaloopsy Mashup Doll Art (e) Emily White 2022

Grretle was part of my personal collection for 2 years, I just never got around to listing her, and then I grew attached!  But I'd love for her to find the perfect new home, so I can make other dolls!

Monster High Lagoona Blue Lalaloopsy Mash Up Art Doll (c) Emily White 2022

You better believe I had a wicked good time making her giant boots with the furrrr...

So, Grretle will be going up for auction tomorrow evening (Saturday, June 25, not sure what time exactly but EST) and she will also have a Buy it Now price (that disappears if a bid is made first).  HOPEFULLY I will have myself together enough to come back and post the link to her auction here tomorrow...but if I do not, you can always see EVERYTHING I have up on eBay by clicking HERE!

Hmm, oh! Sneak peek, anyone? This upcoming Sunday, I will be listing "Tiny Bear" for auction- an original ACEO illustration, very fantasy, a little weird:
"Tiny Bear" Fantasy ACEO illustration (c) Emily White 2022

Once more with the eBay link: Em's art on eBay

So, next week I will hopefully be showing off the new Emily the Strange doll.  I feel like...ugh. I just feel ugh.  Low motivation, low energy.  Oh yeah, and I will be redoing my website shortly, so it might look a bit different over there soon. It's such a mess, I just want it streamlined, galleries be damned! LOL!
Anyhoo, hugs to all y'all xoxxo



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