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Happy New Year!- Featured Art, upcoming projects, a sneak peek!

 Before I ramble, I want to wish each of you a hopeful, sparkly, magical New Year!  This is how I feel about 2021: Also, as usual, I am mostly behind schedule in the majority of my projects, but on time for others...and it will probably always be this way. I try so hard to stick to one or two pieces at a time, but then like halfway through those I am getting brand new ideas. I just write them all down, and go back to them later. Some end up being shite, others need more thought before action, and some are just quick sketches and easy. This weekend I have Featured Art for January, some ACEOs, and a sneak peek of a new painting. I will probably ramble about upcoming projects, too... Let's do the ACEOs first, then: the art nouveau inspired produce ACEO "Broccoli" is up for auction and ends this Sunday!  I just adore her, and I cannot wait to get started on her sisters! You can view the auction HERE on eBay, or click on her picture: And the ACEO I will be listing this upcomi

A day late update!

Phhh, well, holiday season has me behind schedule, unsurprisingly.  Also, I kinda loafed around more than I should have yesterday- started off early and strong, but took a short nap around noon and then just never got back on the fast track. Blaming the extra shifts at the restaurant, and Spiderman...mostly Spiderman. Our restaurant is directly across the hall from a cinema. Inside of a shopping mall. Blah blah, at any rate, I have a few work in progress pictures of a new ACEO series- these are not going to be "attached" like the To the Nines series, but more a grouping of similars... the one I've got the furthest on is "Broccoli": here she is with some pen work:   I've got sketches of Carrot and Apple, and plotting for Black Raspberry, Peas, and Pear on deck. (And a few fantasy creatures as well!)  Hoping to have the Sunday auction as scheduled, though it very well may be later in the day, and also I have no idea what it will be yet,

To the Nines- Kitchen is complete!

Well, I missed my Sunday mark for this, but it is here now! "To the Nines- Kitchen" is a set of 9 ACEOs that make up a larger picture...just a regular fantasy kitchen with lots of critters doing kitchen stuff: Each individual ACEO is listed on Ebay (Buy it Now $15)- you can view them all HERE Additionally, I have posters up on Zazzle of the full illustration- those can be found at the link HERE . Okee, I am quite tired and still have a few "office" things to get done, so I will be off to do those now...many hugs! Xo Emily website eBay Zazzle

Work in progress of To the Nines- Kitchen

A new "To the Nines" ACEO piece is here- well, almost! I do have a bunch of progress photos to share. Got up extra early this morning to get the black ink down, then some shading in grey, then colors... This was the final thumbnail I decided on- got very caught up in kitchen layout and whatnot, spent three days sketching and we have this: So, the hardest part is over, now we move on to getting it sized properly on "fancy" paper: Then my favorite part- pen! Decided to mess with watercolors for this piece...not exactly my forté, but I wanted to do a sepia wash, and didnt want to hurt my precious markers by using them in top of pigments... Some more color: Once I am satisfied with the layers of watercolor, I will go back over certain lines with pen, and add details in colored pencil and acrylic paint.  I thought maybe I could get it finished today, but I had to stop for food and then I got distracted in

Sneak Peek, December Featured Art, and new ACEOs!

Friday Hellos! I have new art, sneak peek/WIP pic, and the featured art for this month... Remember those "weird" drawings I mentioned last week? Well, I listed one of them this evening- "Weird Girl 1" (I know, such a creative title, hehe). I saw a very well composed photo of some kind of bug (I think it was a variety of mantis, but it was very furry looking and had lots of feathery tendrils, and I am no bug expert) that is what inspired this first weird girl: She is currently up for Auction/Buy It Now on eBay HERE if you have any interest in homing her. I will be putting up "Weird Girl 2" on Sunday am (might be closer to noon time, I think I will be at brunch with Dad beforehand) but here is a preview of her... I was very inspired with the bugs, so found some cool looking moth reference pictures to work from for her.  Again, she will be listed for auction on Sunday- check this link to see if she is up yet:   All Em's Auctions What is next here...