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Billie the Love Goat- Monster High Doll Repaint

 I finished her! :D This is Billie- the Love Goat.   There is a full write up HERE on my website, with a little background story, her birthday, all the things she is made from, and a bunch of pictures.   She did not come out exactly as I had envisioned her- which was a very long time before I began working on her...For instance, the original coloring for her was gong to be red hair, and her legs would fade from lavender to red to black on the hooves.  She was kind of designed in a "dark valentine nymph" theme.  Her outfit was going to be sheer black, similar to what she has on now, but with a really big collar (I don't know what they are called, but think Evil Queen).  She was going to have spikey parks on her arms and ankles. But that was back in February of 2018. Then she sat, deconstructed, in a box next to my desk for the better part of 2018, after which I pulled her out of the pile and began sculpting her tail, horns, and ears. I had left her original red hair roote