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Doll progress and sneak peek!

Hi hi! It is HOT here...mostly skipped right over spring. But there is sunshine, and birds and flowers everywhere, and leaves on the trees! (Yay privacy and shade!) For some strange reason, every time it gets very hot, my mind bothers me to watch Stephen King movies. Mainly the old ones such as Christine, Cujo, the original Pet Semetary, etc...there is something quite nostalgic about them. I no longer question it. Anyhow, I have been making SLOW progress on my latest Monster High repainted doll. This one will be an Emily the Strange- another nostalgic thing for me. I first "met" Emily in the late 90's, down in the Little Five Points section of Atlanta. Please know- I realize this is like a HUGE drug haven now, but back then it was more the "quirky little art town" within the larger city, and it reminded us of our towns up north, so we would go visit on the weekends sometimes. Of course I am SURE there were drugs there at that time too. BUT WHATEVER, we are tal

Quick Hello!

Oh..hiii! Got back from my sister's wedding in Florida on Monday, realized I had a lot of things to attend to, and proceeded to do none of those things. Now, I admit I should have planned more thoroughly for my return. But the best I can muster is one day at a time right now. So...I will be taking a week off from listing new original art. I just need the extra week to regain my bearings. I am not a "good traveler" in a lot of ways- any trip I take is fueled mainly by anxiety. Add an important wedding into the mix, and I am basically traumatised. Dont get me wrong, the wedding was beautiful, my sister had her day and the happy couple is now a married couple. basically a wild animal, and do not understand well enough the workings of like...regular humans in society. I like to wear sweatpants and no bra. I do not care what my hair looks like, I do not wear makeup. I did not know what a "blow out" was until last week. (FYI- it's getting your hair profe