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Spring Garden

 Hi hi! Well, brand new art today! I kind of pulled myself out of my funk, at least enough to do some chores and make (and FINISH!) some art. Being stuck inside due to frigid temps, I decided a bunch of bright flowers and a variety of fairy folk would do me here I have "Spring Garden": This is a set of four (4) ACEOs that make up one larger image...a puzzle of sorts...This is a smaller version of my "To the Nines" ACEO series. Each ACEO section features a different "flavor" of fairy, and some matching little friends, over a colorful backdrop of art nouveau style flowers, leaves, and vines.  Each ACEO will be sold individually- I have three of them listed right now on eBay. These three have Buy it Now option enabled, so if someone scoops them that way first, the auction disappears, so go quickly if you are interested! The remaining ACEO in the set will be up for auction with no Buy it Now, so everyone can have a chance at getting one! The three wi

Medusa Painting

 Hiii,  Well, I think I have a touch of burn out, or ennui, or seasonal depression, or SOMETHING, because I just have so little motivation lately. I realize this is not exciting news to read, so I will move on to some art...but if you notice some slack in the routines, it's just me wallowing slowly through the goo of life.  Not to be confused with me vigorously sloshing through the goo of life.  Not a LOT of new art, but a MEDUSA PAINTING! Yaaaay!   "Medusa Pose" is a small original painting, measuring 5" x 7" , acrylic on canvas panel.  She does not come framed, but is easily popped into any 5" x 7" frame you have kicking around... There is also a wire hanger affixed to the back, so you could just put her up right on the wall sans frame. She is currently up for auction on eBay HERE - feel free to check out the listing for some more pictures. Oh, what else...Ah! I remember I mentioned that I was waiting on some To the Nines print proofs, to see which d

Art Nouveau Fruit

 Hi all, I've decided for the new year to post the blog on Sundays, as that is a better time schedule wise. I always THINK I will be ready by Fridays, however it seems I have everything together but the energy at that point in the week.  So, not much to share, really. I do have this lovely new art nouveau style ACEO "Apple" to show you: She has already been sold, but I will be offering prints of her at some point in the nearish future.  I also have some mock prints of the To the Nines series coming in the mail in a few days; depending on if they look decent or not, I will hopefully have ACEO prints of those as well.  I did start a few new paintings, but OMG I didn't take any photos and they are under a pile of things in my studio, so I will have to share those another time. Of course, there are a few things up for sale on eBay, including the weekly Sunday ACEO auction- see everything HERE ! Okee, it is time for me to sit in my recliner and munch some foods. Hugs hugs!