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"Smudge Signals" Painting, Sunday ACEO auction, + ramble

 Hellooo! Today I have a new painting (yeah, again!), and also a ramble about de-cluttering, as well as the preview for this Sunday's ACEO auction! So, firstly, a new painting- "Smudge Signals"- yes, this is another painting based of a previous ACEO I drew (of the same title bc I am lazy).  This rendition is very brightly colored; the initial drawing was much more somber, so I wanted to give her some rainbow.   She is an original acrylic painting, 8.5" x 11" on sheet canvas, unframed but very easy to do so!  She is currently available for purchase on eBay- click HERE (or her picture above) to view the listing and more details about the painting.   I suppose I will just show the other art before I begin my ramble- this is the preview of the Sunday morning auction on eBay: This is "Honey Fae"- an original ACEO illustration (pen and ink) that will be available to bid on starting this Sunday (Feb 27).   I had a TON of fun drawing all the teeny flowers, and

Morla Painting and To the Nines Prints!

 Hii! Well, I skipped a week of posting! Been busy in the studio (also been baking a lot) but... I do have a "new" painting to share, and also info about To the Nines (2t9) limited edition prints!  Anyhow, she is "Morla": "Morla" is an original acrylic painting (8.5" x 11" on sheet canvas, unframed) and she is currently available for purchase on eBay- click HERE or on her photo above to view the listing. Now...I have FINALLY gotten all my To the Nines ACEO Limited Edition prints together and listed! All three series are available (Wishing, Home, and Kitchen) as individual ACEO prints. These prints are limited to runs of 4 each (so, only four of every ACEO is printed in this format ever).  Each ACEO is hand embelllished with glittery/shimmery/metallic gel pens, signed, numbered, dated, and laminated!  I am very pleased with how they turned out- very happy I decided to print them myself and limit the numbers, as I love the extra embellishments and

ACEO Sneak Peek and Featured Art

Greetings! As it is a new month, I do have a new Featured Art on my website, and I also have a glimpse at some upcoming ACEO illustrations to share today. So here we go... Featured Art on my website for February is a large painting of my original "Smokeshow" genie illustration. The painting itself is quite large for what I usually offer, at 18" x 24" on gallery wrapped canvas.   Here is a picture: "Smokeshow" is an acrylic painting, 18" x 24" on gallery wrapped canvas. You can view her page on my website HERE , where there is a full write up and purchase information (which can also be found HERE ).  And now for a very quick, very unfinished sneak peek at the little batch of ACEOs I am currently working on: As you can see, they have not been shaded or colored yet...but one if them will be completed and up for auction on eBay for Sunday morning!  I have been busy getting To the Nines limited edition ACEOs printed and embellished and rea