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Just a brief hello...

 Ahh gaaah I am tired.... Okay, so, super lame quick post again this week- I have been working in restaurant land, which has grown rather busy for now (expected and planned for). This week, the industrial stand mixer went down (unexpected and sad), and so all the cheese was shredded and mixed completely by hand, and all of the pizza dough was mixed by hand as well.  And when I say "by hand" I mean MY hands. I did have a second cook helping, thank goodness.  Thank you second cook! The mixer is now functional as of this afternoon, so no more giant batches of dough and cheese by sheer will and elbow grease. For now.  Suffice to say, between work and the holiday I don't have too much art to show for myself this time... But I do have a sneak peek of a new Medusa ACEO: Not sure when I will be listing her, but certainly within the week. There are a few other new ones as well, all rather weird (as forewarned in the previous post).  OMG you guys I have to go sit down in a comfy ch

Four Eyes - Dark Nymph and Kitties!

 Hi hi!  (headache gone! nothing major!) "Four Eyes" is all finished up, and I LOVE HER!! I kinda want to keep her...I pretty much feel this way about most pieces, but this one particularly! She IS based off of one of my favorite ACEOs, and then I added in some tiny evil cyclops kitty shenanigans that were not in the original. So, here she is: The original "Four Eyes" painting is acrylic on cotton canvas sheet (the same kind of canvas I use for my stretched/gallery wrapped paintings, stretched and coated, just flat) is currently up for purchase on eBay HERE (Buy It Now $75, free shipping to US).  I will have posters and most likely ACEOs very soon.  There are close up pictures on the eBay page as well, and eventually she will have a place on my website with more pictures and a bunch of writing. I am having some frustration in my "real life", and it is now seeping into my art a little bit...only the smallest amount. Being an artist is kind of weird fo

Floating Daisies Nymph + website updates

 Happy Friday! Just a quick post this week- I have a bit of a headache and it is sucking to look at this screen, ugh!  I did update my website gallery with a handful of unposted art- I can't rightfully call them "new", as I drew them awhile ago!  Just trying to get caught up...But you can check it all out HERE ! The larger images at the top of the page are the new additions, and clicking on any of them will bring you to the Zazzle print page.  Hopefully more gallery additions before the end of the month. Also, I've been painting and such, working on "Four Eyes", and thought I'd use some leftover paint for some ACEOs!  Getting details in paint in this size is always a challenge for me...but here is one of them, titled "Floating Daisies": "Floating Daisies" is an original 2.5" x 3.5" (ACEO) acrylic painting on canvas of a playful fawn nymph girl...she is currently up for auction on eBay (ends Friday, November 19 at 6:23 pm EST

"Four Eyes" Jester Art Work in Progress + New Mermaid ACEO

 Greetings! Well, dinner is heating up in the oven (leftovers!) and while I wait for that, let's share some new stuff! Firstly, I have just begun a new painting (from an older ACEO that I love so much) and figured I'd post up my one progress photo.  Tentatively titled "Four Eyes"- based off of my "The Eyes 4" ACEO. Just some shading in browns and grey for now, unsure as to final color choices or background...kind of just playing around with it: The other new art today is a mermaid ACEO- she is reading a book from her library! Books are so fun to draw. As are the underwater worlds that I have never been to... "Leisure Read" is an original ACEO illustration (inks on bristol, 3.5" x 2.5") and is currently available on eBay HERE .   I know I have been rather crap about listing things on eBay these past few weeks. There are some new Open Edition ACEOs coming up, and I've just gotten through a new batch of Limited Edition ACEOs

To the Nines "Home" ACEO series - complete!

Well, it's finished! Yaaay!! There are so many little details, and I am really quite happy with how it turned out.  It is more muted in color than the previous To the Nines ("Wishing"), but this was purposeful. I wanted a bit more cohesion in the whole piece, so I chose a color scheme for the entire image this time. Usually i don't plan the colors out, i just pick one or two and then add whatever I want during. But sometimes it is nice to have limits lol! Here is the full image: At any rate, let me explain again my To the Nines series.  It is essentially a set of 9 complete ACEOs that also make up a larger story/image.  I am rather partial to puzzles and things that fit together but are different. Also, it seems to speak to my need to visually organize everything.  "Home" is the second work in the series (You can view the first work "Wishing" HERE ). I have plans to continue this in the future, though at the moment I am a little behind on other th