To the Nines ACEO progress

Well, it's not Friday...
But here I am :) not much to show for myself this week! I had high hopes of being a decent ways along in my To the Nines "Home" project, some gallery updates and such.
However, that did not work out the way I envisioned (what does, even?) And all I have to share is one measly work in progress photo:

It has been a struggle lately to sit down and work, especially with the (boring but necessary) computer stuff. I am so easily distracted- I want to bake, I want to walk in the woods,  I want to lounge around in my fuzzy robe and watch scary movies and eat, I have actual work at a job, I gotta pet the cat, laundry, dishes, meal making, etc.
Not to mention I keep stopping what I am working on to sketch new ideas.  It's not that I am avoiding the projects, it is that each time I sit to do something, I get fidgety. 
Hopefully this will wear off shortly and I will be able to be more attentive. 


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