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Work in Progress ACEOs!

 Ah, I see I skipped last week :/ Well, I do have a work in progress photo of a new batch of ACEOs, and of course a sneak peek of the Sunday auction! Besides that, I am kind of boring lately, maybe I will ramble a bit... Okee, first- I managed to remember to take a snapshot of this new batch of ACEOs before finishing them: They are coming along well now, I've lined them all in ink and will shade them in grey ink soon. Then colors!  Sunday's auction this week will be a sweet little fairy and a bumble bee: She is titled "Bumble Buds" and again, she will be up for auction on eBay starting this upcoming Sunday (4/17, also Easter I see my calendar is telling me). There are a handful of new ACEOs listed right now, you can browse through them if you want to: see HERE !  Um, I guess I don't have much to ramble about...wanting to make up some t shirt designs, and I had an idea for my next doll project (who knows when i will get to her!)  Xo, though! Em

NEW DOLL! Plus sneak peek, ramble, and some printed goods

 Okay, well Happy April Fool's Day...  Something of note: I am very very partial to jesters and the classic "King's Fool" trope, and over the years have drawn TONS of jesters, clowns, jokers, and all sorts of strange-humored creatures...In fact, the little demon nymphs I've taken to drawing over the past while certainly have their roots in my jester art.   Of course, all I have to share today are pretty fairies (sorry lol!) but is SPRINGTIME and I am ready to only have to wear one pair of pants when I go outside. There are flowers poking out through the mud now, and the other day I even saw a wasp!  So, I suppose the fairies are appropriate :) Very first, I have a Featured Art for April up on my website- she is a repainted Monster High Operetta doll going by Gloria now.  Fashioned after a purple poofy flower of some unknown variety, she is very pleased to make your acquaintance.  For more info on her, photos, and all her little details (what I made her