Four Eyes - Dark Nymph and Kitties!

 Hi hi!

 (headache gone! nothing major!)

"Four Eyes" is all finished up, and I LOVE HER!! I kinda want to keep her...I pretty much feel this way about most pieces, but this one particularly! She IS based off of one of my favorite ACEOs, and then I added in some tiny evil cyclops kitty shenanigans that were not in the original.

So, here she is:

The original "Four Eyes" painting is acrylic on cotton canvas sheet (the same kind of canvas I use for my stretched/gallery wrapped paintings, stretched and coated, just flat) is currently up for purchase on eBay HERE (Buy It Now $75, free shipping to US).  I will have posters and most likely ACEOs very soon.  There are close up pictures on the eBay page as well, and eventually she will have a place on my website with more pictures and a bunch of writing.

I am having some frustration in my "real life", and it is now seeping into my art a little bit...only the smallest amount. Being an artist is kind of weird for me.  I like to be in control, and with art it is NOT that, it is NOT control, it is expression.  It is voice. The only thing I have control over with art is 1) my hands 2) the medium I choose to work in and 3) my skill level.  That is all.  So, I have been drawing some rather "weird" stuff this past week or so.  I don't know if it is palatable for "the masses" or not, and frankly I no longer care. I will draw it, and I will post it, and if it is too weird, no one will buy it and it will go into my personal collection.  But it needs to get out of me.  That is what I know. Be prepared for some weird girl art in the upcoming weeks. 

I will always draw, as long as my body lets me. I cannot guarantee anything good will come of that, but there will be art regardless of the minutia and BS that life shoves at me.  I am a most stubborn goat.

THANK YOU for reading, if you are still here :) 


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