"Four Eyes" Jester Art Work in Progress + New Mermaid ACEO


Well, dinner is heating up in the oven (leftovers!) and while I wait for that, let's share some new stuff!

Firstly, I have just begun a new painting (from an older ACEO that I love so much) and figured I'd post up my one progress photo.  Tentatively titled "Four Eyes"- based off of my "The Eyes 4" ACEO. Just some shading in browns and grey for now, unsure as to final color choices or background...kind of just playing around with it:

The other new art today is a mermaid ACEO- she is reading a book from her library! Books are so fun to draw. As are the underwater worlds that I have never been to...

"Leisure Read" is an original ACEO illustration (inks on bristol, 3.5" x 2.5") and is currently available on eBay HERE.  

I know I have been rather crap about listing things on eBay these past few weeks. There are some new Open Edition ACEOs coming up, and I've just gotten through a new batch of Limited Edition ACEOs as well (those I have been trickling in as my stockpile is reduced to whatever I have created in the previous moth).  Anyhoo, enough rambling about office work.  I do have a lovely little fairy ACEO on deck for Sunday's auction...how about a sneak peek? Here she is:

"Forest Light" will be going up for auction this Sunday, November 7 (most likely a bit after 11am EST) on eBay- I do not have a direct link, but you can find her on my listing page when the day arrives by clicking HERE.

In other news, I think my dinner is heated, and I have hunger...nomnomnom!


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