Sneak Peek, December Featured Art, and new ACEOs!

Friday Hellos!

I have new art, sneak peek/WIP pic, and the featured art for this month...

Remember those "weird" drawings I mentioned last week? Well, I listed one of them this evening- "Weird Girl 1" (I know, such a creative title, hehe). I saw a very well composed photo of some kind of bug (I think it was a variety of mantis, but it was very furry looking and had lots of feathery tendrils, and I am no bug expert) that is what inspired this first weird girl:

She is currently up for Auction/Buy It Now on eBay HERE if you have any interest in homing her.

I will be putting up "Weird Girl 2" on Sunday am (might be closer to noon time, I think I will be at brunch with Dad beforehand) but here is a preview of her...

I was very inspired with the bugs, so found some cool looking moth reference pictures to work from for her.  Again, she will be listed for auction on Sunday- check this link to see if she is up yet: 

 All Em's Auctions

What is next here...oh, yes, December Featured Art!  

Okay, bear with me on this one- it is a little late being posted, it is an older piece, and I did not build a whole webpage for it...but he does have his own shop page!  This is "Zekret", and he is featured on my website for the month of December!  See the whole story/art info/purchase details, etc in my webshop HERE.  I painted him back in 2013!  One of the few male pieces I've done. Smoke laden, dark shadow dragon dude.  Acrylic on canvas panel, 11" x 14". Not a lot of detail, but enough mystery to make up for that...

How about a real sneak peek?  I am working on another painting right now, still thinking of a title but it is tentatively "Coffee Break"

Ideally, I will have her finished up in the next week or two...buuut...I am having a "too many new ideas" upswing, so I am sure she will be pushed aside a few times. Geeze, it sounds heartless when I type it out like that. It is more that I am feeling distracted with other art thoughts and would rather save her for when I can give her full focus. 

So, I have intentions of getting the next To the Nines piece started in the next week (I have a theme and am still moving things around visually in my head for now) and I managed to come up with a few more possible themes for the future :)  Yes...and another whole new project that I don't even want to explain now in case I never get to it...






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