Happy New Year!- Featured Art, upcoming projects, a sneak peek!

 Before I ramble, I want to wish each of you a hopeful, sparkly, magical New Year! 

This is how I feel about 2021:

Also, as usual, I am mostly behind schedule in the majority of my projects, but on time for others...and it will probably always be this way. I try so hard to stick to one or two pieces at a time, but then like halfway through those I am getting brand new ideas. I just write them all down, and go back to them later. Some end up being shite, others need more thought before action, and some are just quick sketches and easy.

This weekend I have Featured Art for January, some ACEOs, and a sneak peek of a new painting. I will probably ramble about upcoming projects, too...

Let's do the ACEOs first, then: the art nouveau inspired produce ACEO "Broccoli" is up for auction and ends this Sunday!  I just adore her, and I cannot wait to get started on her sisters! You can view the auction HERE on eBay, or click on her picture:

And the ACEO I will be listing this upcoming Sunday (Jan 2) is a tiny acrylic painting on canvas! It is a pretty fairy at night; I've titled her "Dusty Stars":

There are a few others I will be posting over the next day or so, you can view all art available on eBay HERE!

Onward to the featured art for January! This piece is the "Coffee Break" painting I posted WIPs of awhile back. She is finished now, up for sale on eBay HERE, and has her own page on my website for the month HERE

Additionally, there are poster prints of her available through Zazzle HERE.

Okay, it is SNEAK PEEK time! This is a SUPER sneaky little picture, because I kind of don't want to give too much away. This piece is a 5" x 7" acrylic on a canvas panel:

I am pretty excited about working on it, among other projects- here is where I start to ramble. Feel free to leave, I just want to type a bit.  I have a FULL LIST of To the Nines themes to work from for the year (Yeah, I managed to brain 12 themes lol!) Suffice to say, I am truly hoping to have one new one a month. So far, have not even sketched any out for January, we are on a roll with the procrastination already! 

I also am really wanting to get some got dang dolls made. Repainted. Dismantled and Redistributed to my liking. 

Of course, the weekly ACEO originals will continue! I am approaching a crossroads with the print portion of ACEOs now- it seems I have run through pretty much ALL my "backlog" and will have to rethink my ACEO print process. It may be that I am not listing so many of the limited editions for a bit, as I need to reconfigure that schedule. Yeah, see, this is why I told y'all to stop reading. I am really just typing to myself here lol! It is boring, I am sure. The end goal of this malarkey is to have more time organization (aka a more efficient schedule) and more studio organization. You know, so that I can focus more on the making!  

But then again, I also have to rethink my website schedule and all that. At least I am mostly keeping up with this blog. So proud of myself for that. Back a long time ago, when I first began really selling online,  I posted a new blog almost every day! EVERY DAY, wow. I don't even have my laptop on every day anymore lol!

Well, if you are still here, I am impressed and humbled. I want to again wish you the very very best for the new year- and please allow me to tell you that I am grateful for you. 

Extra Big Hugs for this New Year!






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