New ACEOs and "To the Nines" ACEO series sneak peek

 Happy Friday!

Just a quick post today, to share the new ACEOs I have up for auction on eBay, as well as a sneak peek of my latest illustration project.

Definitely feeling the Halloween vibes already, so that has themed the new art cards this week!  The one currently up for auction is titled "Bone Garden"- a spritely goat nymph, frolicking through the garden of bones, collecting little pieces here and there in her tin pail.  

"Bone Garden" is an original illustration, and she is currently up for auction on eBay HERE!  

The OTHER new ACEO illustration I will be listing this week (Sunday morning, around 11am EST) is called "Candy Fairy"- sometimes my titles are not so creative, lol!  But she is very pretty, I like how the colors turned out:

Again, "Candy Fairy" will be listed for auction (starting bid $7.35) on Sunday morning (10/10).  There are also a handful of other creepy/autumn/Halloween themed ACEOs up for auction now- you can see all my auctions on one page HERE!

In other art news, I have a sneak peek of a new project I am working on- "To the Nines- Home".  
"To the Nines" is a series of nine individual ACEOs that also make up a larger image.  The last one I drew was "Wishing" and featured a whole bunch of magical creatures.  This new one is tentatively titled "Home" and here is a scribbly sketch of the basic layout:

I am still hashing out details for a few of the sections, and it will *probably* go through another rough draft phase before I pencil it onto "fancy art paper". Sketching is always very messy for me, and I prefer to work on super scrappy paper for first draft layout and posing purposes. A long time ago, in a land far away, I used to always use a sketchbook.  But I have realized over the years that the novelty of keeping all my scribbles in a book does not overtake the physical comfort of my sketch hand.  I do still use a sketchbook, but...I use it as a lap table/hard surface to draw on!

Okay, enough rambling, it is dinner time and I have hunger.
Thank you for reading!


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