Poppy the Flower Fashionista - Monster High Art Doll

 Hi Hi!

This is a doll post, so I forgive you if you have no interest ;)  But I wanted to show off my latest refurbished Monster High doll creation... I was needing some inspiration, so I looked up haute couture and found some fashions that were SO COOL, I just HAD to make a tiny version!  

"Poppy" is her name, and I love how she turned out. LOVE IT, loved making this outfit SO MUCH. I also happen to love poppies, they are my favorite flower, so I tried to do them justice in the tiny changes of texture.  They are delicate but also quite bold, and it is that duality that I appreciate the most about them. So I tried to get all that into a doll.  The fashion inspiration was a huge help.

Below, the only two progress shots I managed to remember to take during the creative process:

I remove her head from her body, remove all her hair and face paint, cut off the top of her scalp, scrape out the remaining glue and hair bits (dollie brains) and then I CUT OUT HER EYES muahaha! Sorry Sorry. 

From there she is sprayed with Mr. Super Clear, and then layers of colored pencils, pastels, and MSC forever until I achieve what I was going for (or what looks good). 

Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the eyeball making process, just know that it is a tiny, slippery, breath holding affair- from making them to inserting them into her head.  The eyelashes are only a little less annoying to apply. Hair is a whole other fuzzy story, the hardest part for me being the choosing of a hairstyle. Unlike this doll, I am NOT a fashionista.

The body doesnt get much attention, I just sand it with a nail buffer to take the gross factory sealant off, I dont care for it, makes them look too shiny and plastic. The picture above is a mostly completed dress base, all the little fibers I am using to sew onto the shawl, and the shawl.  Looks organized because I had not begun using that stuff ;)  

Here is a nice picture of her all done up:

And there are even more photos and a little write up of her on my website HERE. She is also currently available for purchase HERE through my web shop, if you'd like to give her a home!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope it was entertaining and/or informative...




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