NEW DOLL! Plus sneak peek, ramble, and some printed goods

 Okay, well Happy April Fool's Day... 

Something of note: I am very very partial to jesters and the classic "King's Fool" trope, and over the years have drawn TONS of jesters, clowns, jokers, and all sorts of strange-humored creatures...In fact, the little demon nymphs I've taken to drawing over the past while certainly have their roots in my jester art.  

Of course, all I have to share today are pretty fairies (sorry lol!) but is SPRINGTIME and I am ready to only have to wear one pair of pants when I go outside. There are flowers poking out through the mud now, and the other day I even saw a wasp!  So, I suppose the fairies are appropriate :)

Very first, I have a Featured Art for April up on my website- she is a repainted Monster High Operetta doll going by Gloria now.  Fashioned after a purple poofy flower of some unknown variety, she is very pleased to make your acquaintance.  For more info on her, photos, and all her little details (what I made her out of, when her birthday is, her little story, etc) please visit her special page on my website HERE.

Additionally, she is up for auction HERE on eBay (bidding starts at $48, with a Buy it Now of $75, free shipping to USA)

I also have a sneak peek at the Sunday ACEO auction- she is a harpy, but she does appear to be a "gentle" one..."Harpy's Nest" will be up for auction on eBay this Sunday:

"Harpy's Nest"

Oh, I also made up some greeting cards (blank inside) and posters of the four ACEO "Spring Garden" fairies- these items feature the entire image!  They are available through my Zazzle shop:

"Spring Garden" Greeting Cards 

"Spring Garden" Art Poster 

"Spring Garden"

And now, a rant-

So, other than putting up a little blurb on my homepage, and the featured art every month, I have been ROYALLY stinking at updating my website. Like, with actual art, and new stuff, and all that. I truly dislike sitting in front of the computer- I mean, sometimes I like it, I do get some ASMR from the keyboard and typing...but I have a difficult time sitting still and staring at a screen, even for movies and stuff. 

I also make a fair amount of art on the regular, and posting every single thing to my site seems overwhelming. I've tried to combat this by posting the most "popular" as well as my personal favorites. and leaving the rest to my backfiles. But still, it escapes me to update my gallery regularly. Which leads me to believe that I need to rework my entire site. This has been a recurring happenstance throughout my "art career" fact, I used to have a TOTALLY different website.  

I dunno, I am scatterbrained. Always wanting to be mighty professional, but always feel like I fall short of it. I tell myself that in the ways it really matters, that I am professional. I try my best to be as good as I can to my customers, I am quick to respond to needs, when I do commissions I communicate well and am usually on schedule. I do list things regularly, even if I don't always document them further than eBay and my files.  I really don't want to also have to be a professional photographer/salesperson/PR/marketing/design etc etc. I just want to draw!! Whaa!! (I sound like I am whining, I guess I kind of am lol!).  

What I am getting at is I think I need to take some time to mentally rework my website and how I present my art to the public...because right now I feel like it's discombobulated, and that makes ME (more) discombobulated.

Anyhow, thank you for reading my ramble if you've made it this far.  See you next Friday!





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