A Ramble and Sunday auction sneak peek

 Hi hi!

I'm just popping in here to give an update- I have been off visiting family, and I am home for about 10 minutes before I go off to house sit for some friends.  It has been a rather busy summer- great to distract from the oppressive heat!  Honestly, I am tolerant of it mostly, as long as I stay out of direct sunlight.  I think I might be turning into a vampire, really, the sun HURTS me, my eyes mostly. They just start watering as soon as it hits high noon. Sunglasses help a little, but I tend to stick to the shade when I am out and about.

Ummm, not a lot of new projects to show, everything is still in my head or just chicken scratches on scrap paper.  I have taken a long break from the To the Nines project series.  I think I will save those for cold winter days, as they need a lot of focus, and I get distracted easily in the warm weather.  It's a seasonal thing for me- I gather a lot of inspiration while I am busy running around in the spring and summer- filling my eyes with forest plants and the way the leaves throw their shadows, all the birds and flowers, the BUGS!! etc.  Once it gets cold, I like to be snuggled up in my fuzzy socks and hooded robe, but of course I get antsy...so I draw and draw and paint and draw and sew. I suspect a touch of ADD, but I manage well enough to not feel the need for a diagnosis. I just...adjust. IDK. 

Anyway, a short ramble, and now here is this upcoming Sunday's eBay auction- "Creepy Green Light"

A solitary dragon, flying through the city streets at night, illuminated by the streetlights... This original ACEO will be listed for auction on eBay this Sunday (probably around 11am EST).  To see all my current art listings on eBay, please feel free to click HERE!

I am still in the throws of updating my website (UGGHHH) but I do have a new page for custom work and commissions HERE if anyone is looking for a special piece of art made!  

Alright, please stay hydrated and safe, all!! Hugs hugs!




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