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Got back from my sister's wedding in Florida on Monday, realized I had a lot of things to attend to, and proceeded to do none of those things. Now, I admit I should have planned more thoroughly for my return. But the best I can muster is one day at a time right now. So...I will be taking a week off from listing new original art. I just need the extra week to regain my bearings. I am not a "good traveler" in a lot of ways- any trip I take is fueled mainly by anxiety. Add an important wedding into the mix, and I am basically traumatised.

Dont get me wrong, the wedding was beautiful, my sister had her day and the happy couple is now a married couple.  I...am basically a wild animal, and do not understand well enough the workings of like...regular humans in society. I like to wear sweatpants and no bra. I do not care what my hair looks like, I do not wear makeup. I did not know what a "blow out" was until last week. (FYI- it's getting your hair professionally washed and blow dried by a hair stylist).
Just imagine grabbing up the barn cat and bringing it to the groomer, the vet, the pet store for a cute outfit, and all around to all your family. I am that barn cat. I function best in my specific environment, and am perfectly content to be a wild beast. But I am not going to perform to the satisfaction of a house bred creature.
So, I am back in my barn now, happily rematting my fur and sleeping in hay piles.

Forgive the ramble! I am looking at a hectic weekend/ next week at the day job- we have three out with covid and (I work in a restaurant) Dr. Strange and Mother's  Day this weekend.  So i decided with everything that yes, i had better just take some time to focus on that and getting all the leftover florida out of my system.

But i have started a new doll! She is a Monster High Catrine Demew (the white cat girl) and I will be remaking her into Emily the Strange! I will give some background on her next week (will be posting a blog, just so I am not totally disappeared lol!)

Also- I will absolutely be around for any shipping that needs to be done, I am just all out of fresh new art and do not currently have the wherewithall to sit and draw. And you can ALWAYS email me!!

Ps: here is a picture of a moth I saw in the woodshed at work 


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