ACEO Sneak Peek and Featured Art


As it is a new month, I do have a new Featured Art on my website, and I also have a glimpse at some upcoming ACEO illustrations to share today. So here we go...

Featured Art on my website for February is a large painting of my original "Smokeshow" genie illustration. The painting itself is quite large for what I usually offer, at 18" x 24" on gallery wrapped canvas.   Here is a picture:

"Smokeshow" is an acrylic painting, 18" x 24" on gallery wrapped canvas. You can view her page on my website HERE, where there is a full write up and purchase information (which can also be found HERE). 

And now for a very quick, very unfinished sneak peek at the little batch of ACEOs I am currently working on:

As you can see, they have not been shaded or colored yet...but one if them will be completed and up for auction on eBay for Sunday morning!  I have been busy getting To the Nines limited edition ACEOs printed and embellished and ready to list- I decided to do runs of 4 for each set. There will be a separate post about all that in a few days.
For now, just hugs!!


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