Spring Garden

 Hi hi!

Well, brand new art today! I kind of pulled myself out of my funk, at least enough to do some chores and make (and FINISH!) some art. Being stuck inside due to frigid temps, I decided a bunch of bright flowers and a variety of fairy folk would do me well...so here I have "Spring Garden":

This is a set of four (4) ACEOs that make up one larger image...a puzzle of sorts...This is a smaller version of my "To the Nines" ACEO series. Each ACEO section features a different "flavor" of fairy, and some matching little friends, over a colorful backdrop of art nouveau style flowers, leaves, and vines. 
Each ACEO will be sold individually- I have three of them listed right now on eBay. These three have Buy it Now option enabled, so if someone scoops them that way first, the auction disappears, so go quickly if you are interested! The remaining ACEO in the set will be up for auction with no Buy it Now, so everyone can have a chance at getting one!

The three with Buy it Now enabled (click on the picture or the link below it to view the listings):

And the remaining ACEO, with just auction listing:

I know I have said this the past like 4 blog posts, but I WILL HAVE PRINTS of these, as well as the three "To the Nines" sets, in the next little while. I think for the sake of sanity, that they will be limited edition prints with hand embellishments in sparkly gel pens, and laminated. But unlike my usual limited edition set up of "only one of each", it is highly likely I will be doing a small run of 4-6. This number decision is what is holding me up from printing. How silly. 

One random cool thing I realized about this little "Spring Garden" set is that you can rearrange them and they still all line up! Like, say you decide to line up the bigger flowers, the rest falls into place. Of course, the tiny details are slightly different for each flower, but it still works. I was kind of shocked that it worked out so well!

So, ANYWAY, I think that is all for now. Being on the East Coast, I am supposed to be hunkering down for a bunch of snow this evening. The workplace will be closed tomorrow, so I will hopefully be able to 1) get my studio tidied up a bit and 2) get some progress done on the pile of projects I have produced for my poor self.  (DO YOU LIKE MY ALLITERATION?  LOL!)

Okay, I think it is the hour for cookie baking. Mmmmmm cookiesmmmm....



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