Work In Progress- MH Repaint Lagoona to Lalaloopsy


Yeee!  An update on my latest doll repaint, with lots of work in progress photos.  

I recently acquired a Lalaloopsy Furry Grrs-Alot Girl doll (the more "teenage" version of the line) after falling in love with her character many years ago.  I also have a mini version of her "kid" doll.  The doll shown below is mine, yes, she is unboxed, missing a belt and some accessories, and I don't care, I love her to pieces...

 (furry grrs alot)

Because I love her style so very much, I wanted to do a recreation/homage to her with a Monster High repaint.  So, I dug through my art doll box and decided on a Lagoona Blue doll for a base. Her sculpt has a nice, round face, pouty lips, and generous eyes. Given how little detail Lalaloopsy dolls have in their faces, I have a lot of decisions to make about how I want her new face to look.  So while that brainstorming is happening, I start working on her outfit first.

(Lagoona pre face wipe)

Some things of note:

*I have been challenging myself to only use supplies that I already have in the studio.  For one thing, I need to pare all this stuff down.  For another, my income is not what it used to be.  Third, I really shouldn't be out browsing fabric and craft supply stores right now.  And if I really need something I can't use a substitute for (ie Mr. Super Clear sealant or epoxy glue) then I can order it online and have it sent to my house, which makes the impulse buying almost nonexistent. Less fun, but practical, and if I take it as a challenge then I don't even flinch.

*I used to do a sketch mock-up of each doll before creating her.  After a few rounds of that, I realized they never turn out looking like their sketches.  This irks me, as I use those little sketches as part of their Certificate of Authenticity art, and the discontinuity is uncalled for.  To quell my frustrations on this seemingly insignificant matter, I have begun sketching a portion of the way through the doll creation process, to get a closer version of the finished doll.  


See, at this point I still am not set on her face and how it should look.  But whatever, we will get there.  For now, the outfit!  

Originally, I figured I'd just make a fitted version of her original outfit.  But I didn't have any stretchy black and white stripe fabric, and I knew I couldn't paint any to look crisp enough.  I *do* have some striped ribbon, though. Same thing for the bodysuit I ended up deciding on- sort of a Lady Gaga-esque 80's leotard in bright pink. YEAH. That will go nicely with her ridiculous blue fur boots (which are taken from the "kid" version of the doll).  

(boots in progress)

But I don't have *quite* enough of the specific magenta sparkly fabric I would need.  How sad- we are talking like 6" sq. of fabric.  SO I rework my design by pawing around my fabric box and the doll clothes I do have in the appropriate colors, make a pile of those, and mix, match, measure, and mince until I FINALLY come up with something...


As of this posting, I have made a bit more progress on her hat, boots, and other additions to her outfit...and next I will tackle her face and hair, so expect a second progress blog of this doll before the final reveal.  Thank you so much for reading :) Once the second part of this post is up, I will add a link at the bottom for future readers.



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