Coffee Genie- Fantasy Art Nouveau


New art! New art! Yay!  I feel like it has been awhile since I have listed anything on eBay...but I have a few things to show off currently.

First, a piece I started back in February, riiight before the shit hit the fan.  I know this because I found her shoved between the back pages of one of my sketchbooks a week or so ago, and realized that I had totally forgotten about her!  Buuut, bonus, she was already sketched out, so I got to start inking right away.  I love it when the idea is already plotted out, and I can just zone out with my pens while I listen to bizarre documentaries in the background.

Anyhoo, introducing "Coffee Genie"- she is an original 7" x 10.25" fantasy illustration- mixed media: acrylic paint, archival inks on bristol.  Currently up for grabs on eBay HERE!

I really love coffee, and genies, and art nouveau, and I am trying to learn to love the color pink, but I do love painting, and I love smoke, and oh did I say that I LOVE COFFEE?

A few new ACEOs also up on eBay, or going up in the next few days, including this very pastel cute nudey fairy:

I also have a Halloween pumpkin witch ACEO on deck and a few others, too!  You can see all my eBay auctions together HERE.

Umm, what else... There are a few new items up in my Zazzle Shop- including HALLOWEEN SHIRTS! I really love Halloween.  I really love designing Halloween shirts. Yes, specifically Halloween shirts.  But, there are also a handful off OTHER new items up that are not Halloween related, if you would like to peek at them: zombietoes on zazzle

The Goat Nymph doll is complete, she has her write-up done, she has had a photoshoot, she has been lovingly placed in her custom made doll box for safekeeping...and I have drafted up a webpage for her on my site. I have yet to draft an eBay listing for her.  So, expect to see her in a week or thereabouts, and hopefully the other doll pages will be ready then, too! Gah, I am so behind, lol!  Good thing my boss is really understanding, heheh.

Well, I really wanted to be able to keep up on posting a blog once a week, but it seems I am averaging about twice a month...and I am just going to have to be okay with that for now. It is still progress.  :) I will keep trying. 



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