Website Gallery + Zazzle Shop Update

 Hi Hi!

I have a brand new gallery on my website!  :) :) Of course, there are currently only 6 images there, but I am working on it!  Still sorting through the archive galleries, still sorting through my web store as well.  My eyeballs are fried, and my heart wants to work on my new doll so badly...but I HAVE to get all this internet art clutter under control. So, slow and steady.

So, the new (tiny) gallery can be viewed HERE.  If you hover over the thumbnails, it will tell you the title of the artwork.  If you click on it, it will A) bring you to a page in my Zazzle shop to see a bigger version, and give you purchase options if you are interested in that sort of thing...or B) it will do nothing and take you nowhere, as I do not have any merch or prints available for those particular works. But still, I want to show them off.

About my Zazzle shop- I actually have 2 of them, but we are talking about the zombietoes shop- it is now being maintained weekly by myself, and inspiration from my older cartoon art. I also have put in some newer images from newer art.  There are a few new, fun T Shirt designs, a couple of cheeky mugs, some kick ass coasters ( I own a few myself, and they will take a beating and last wicked long)...lots of postcards, some posters.  Please feel free to browse around- most items are customizable by style, color, size, etc. 

Take Me To Em's Zazzle Shop!

 Because of the POST OFFICE SITUATION, I am leaning heavily on putting things in my Zazzle shop for sale, as I do not have to print/create them myself, and they are shipped from the print labs.  Regardless, the mail will be slower than normal no matter where it is coming from.  My eBay sales have dropped off to nothing- partially my fault for not posting anything new recently- but in a way I am thankful for that, as I would feel sooo uncomfortable sending a teeny little First Class envelope with some precious art in it, only for it to get lost. 

You know what? I guess I need to vent about this POST OFFICE SITUATION for a minute.

Yes, it affects my daily life, as well as my business, my income, my hobbies.  Yes, it affects the people of this country's ability to operate as a team in many ways (and the world, damnit). Yes, it is treasonous and fraudulent and dirty and petty and stupid. Yes, I hate it.

All of that is of course wretched and infuriating for me. To know that this affects EVERY ONE OF US in MANY MANY ways, gah it just gets UNDER MY SKIN. 

But, in honesty, I think the hardest part for me is my broken heart. 

I grew up with the post office- yeah, everyone did- however, my father AND his father were both Rural Route Carriers. My father had the same route for 40 years, retired last September.  They would bring me stamps to collect, rubber bands and paper clips...during the holidays, customers all over the route would leave gifts for my father in their mailboxes- candles, jams and jellies, chocolates, weird baskets of sausages and cheeses, wine bottles, cards with cash or gift cards...lots of fruitcake. 

When I got older, I sometimes got to visit his cubicle in the "guts of the post office".  The stacks of mail totes, the uniforms. The rubberbands everywhere, in every size.  The cement floor. THE SMELL of ink and paper. 

To my knowledge, my father never missed a day of work that wasn't a vacation- in fact, I often had to nag him to take some time off each summer for the last few years before he retired. Also, it FREAKING SNOWS here. And those trucks are not designed for snow. Any time he had to call to get a tow, he would get back to the post office, transfer all the undelivered mail to another truck, and GET BACK OUT THERE.

So, yeah, even with all the immediately personal and prudent reasons to be upset, the REASON I am MOST upset is because I feel like a family member is being beaten to death, all for being the dependable service it is meant to be.

Sorry for the rant. Please feel free to check out this page of resource links to ways you can help the Post Office not die (I apologize, it is a reddit page, but there are a lot of helpful links there so...:

And Oh My Gosh, PLEASE Vote if you are able. 

Sorry again for the rant. It's been eating at me. If you made it this far, THANK YOU FOR LISTENING.


PS- Here is a picture of a moth on my hairy knee:


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